Fuel Recycling

Items we recycle include: gas and water mixtures, used oil, and coproducts from petrochemical plants. We specialize in finding outlets for off-spec chemicals, production overages, or product heels. In order to achieve waste minimization goals, many companies are forced to look at existing waste streams differently than they have in the past. We have been successful at providing assistance to generators when determining if a secondary material can be considered a co-product or fuel.

Examples of recyclable materials include:

  • Used oils
  • Oily waters / oil emulsions
  • Gasoline mixtures
  • Coproducts
  • Solids
  • High pour point / high viscosity materials
  • Off-specification fuels or solvents
  • Off-specification chemicals or products

Used oils

Lion provides a dependable option for the management of your recyclable products from both an industrial and retail setting. Lion also equipped to handle the ancillary items associated with the recycling of the used oils, such as oil filters, antifreeze, and absorbents. Lion can provide and replace drums, evacuate totes and drums, or vacuum oils from tanks, all on a scheduled or nonscheduled basis. Market conditions dictate the value of the recycled oils. For more information give us a call.


Off-specification chemicals or products

Lion through its network of traders and buyers, can find applications for many chemicals or products that do not fit into our blending system. Items such as alcohols (including methanol and ethanol), acids and caustics are a few of the items that we have helped our customers to place in the past. For more information give us a call.