Lion provides transportation services for both solid and liquid materials. Our equipment operators have extensive training for working in industrial environments. We are safe and reliable material handlers for refining and chemical industries – particularly transportation and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous industrial wastes. Our trucking operation can handle both local and long-haul waste and material hauling needs.


Rapid Response

Lion mobilizes a wide variety of equipment that allows us to provide the rapid response that is vital when there is an unexpected incident or when important maintenance is needed to avoid a costly interruption in process plant operations.


Transportation Services:


Lion is committed to solving your transportation problem. We take pride in being on-time, prepared, knowledgeable, 24-hour, industry professionals in the field. Call us today and schedule your next load.

Bobtail Rolloff


Rolloff Trailer 


130BBL & 70 BBL Liquid Transportation