Waste Packaging

 Lab Packing 

Waste Profiling, Manifesting and Labeling 

Direct Landfill 


Fuels Blending 

Thermal Desorption 


Hazardous and Nonhazardous Waste

 Liquid, Solid, Sludge, Mixed Wastes 

Bulk or Drum Quantities

Almost all projects completed by Lion require the proper management of some type of waste materials. To effectively manage these wastes, Lion offers a thorough knowledge of RCRA, TSCA, NORM, NOW, DOT, CERCLA, NRC, State Solid Waste Regulations, and Federal EPA Regulations. In addition to the regulatory issues, each disposal facility has their own set of unique forms, analytical requirements and site-specific permits. By utilizing Lion to manage your disposal needs you can be assured that your waste stream will be approved in a timely fashion while maintaining compliance with the state and local regulations.


Waste Characterization & Classification


Waste characterization generally will require the definition of the process generating the waste, and if it is not a listed waste, the definition of the characteristics of the waste. Lion has extensive experience in assisting clients characterize their waste including:



Unknown Identification,

Field Sampling & Inventory

Laboratory & Field Analyses

Once a waste is characterized and the disposal facility is selected, a waste code is often required from the state regulating agency. Many states allow the generator to "self classify" the waste and then simply assign a waste code number for tracking purposes. Self classification requires a thorough knowledge of the regulations. Once classified, a waste profile form is required by the accepting disposal facility.